10 ways to make money with Traffic Exchanges

There are quite a few ways to make money with traffic exchanges that has worked for me. Although I don’t believe you might make thousands and thousands in your first week, if you are at it promoting your offer to a real person behind the screen, you are bound to get results eventually. Provided you are talking about a manual traffic exchange and not one of those auto traffic exchanges. While there are claims that auto traffic can convert I am yet to see it. Frankly, I don’t believe they could anyways.

The main point people seem to forget is that manual traffic exchanges are used by website owners and other internet marketers. Converting an internet marketer and a normal person whose just browsing recipes is a whole different ball game. An internet marketer has seen thousands of adverts, studied them, tested them and promote them everyday, while the recipe browser might think your ad page is quite attractive for a web page. Obviously the conversion rates are going to be lower in traffic exchanges, but when you get one and if its recurring you’ve got an income stream for sometime to come.

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Some people who are in the online money-making niche believe simply traffic exchanges do not work, period. If you search any term relating to traffic exchanges in a forum, you see them coming and pointing this out. But, ask someone who has been clicking in them for over a year and they will tell otherwise. Rather than writing a blog post and waiting for traffic they just use a numbers game to achieve results while they do other things. While you won’t make millions and millions out of it, if you do the work you will eventually start making consistent small amounts of cash out of it. So you have to understand why it’s not meant to work for some because most of them ( not everyone ofc) want the magic wand that makes them 6 figures in a few days.

Lets jump in, and see the different ways you can make money from Traffic Exchanges.

  1. Cross Promotion

Cross-promoting other traffic exchanges in a traffic exchange is nothing genius, but it works. If you are serious about using traffic exchanges in your online plans, this is a must-do exercise.

Cross Promoting a traffic exchange is very simple. You get a referral link from one traffic exchange and advertise that in another traffic exchange. The idea behind this is when you get a referral you get two things.

a) Sales Commission from Upgrades

b) Credits from there surfing or browsing.

Either way you get free money and the more referrals you have the more you can promote for free and get results.

The simplest way to do it is through a listing page. You can build a listing page on any free web hosting service or even a paid one.

2. Internal Promotions and Cash Rewards

Although these are small amounts these can add up especially when you get them from 20-30 traffic exchanges. While some of the traffic exchange owners don’t pay you for rewards you get from surfing, which I have no clue why they give them in the first place, Some traffic Exchanges actually pay them out. Usually what I do is collect them and make upgrades in the same traffic exchange and save the money instead, or better yet use them in some other ways.

3. PTP promotion

Paid to Promote or PTP for short is another way you can make money off from traffic exchanges.

Some Owners won’t allow you to promote them but some traffic exchanges do. When I do it I consider it to be as if you are converting free credits into cold hard cash. The rates are very very low but if you have free time and nothing to do then there you go. It’s totally free and anyone can do it.

4. Website Traffic Service Selling

You can actually sell your traffic you generate in 3rd party platforms like Fiverr, but this is not a big money earner, but if you are like me and have millions of credits, you can approach some SEO service sellers and offer your service to them directly. Even site flipper on some flipping sites would love to buy traffic from your so that they can put up there Alexa ranks up. If you can continuously provide traffic to them they might be even willing to give you a monthly subscription.

All depend on how you approach them and sell them your traffic and get some money off from traffic exchanges.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Guess what this is probably the way most of the people try at first with traffic exchanges. I see a lot of them do it everyday. However, as affiliate marketing is a broad and vast strategy, it can be done in a way unique just for you. You can do with lead generation and then market to the leads, you can advertise a bridge site and then send really vetted traffic to 3rd party offer, you can even promote your affiliate links directly, if your vendor doesn’t mind the huge numbers. Its safe to say there are many ways about it.

The main thing you need to keep in your mind is that you are promoting to people who is in the same business as you. They might not promote the same product or offer like you but they know what exactly you are trying to do. So catch phrases like “make $1 million while you sleep” just wont cut it. Rather you can advertise the same thing with a different approach. May be a question like,

‘How much are you paying for your Hosting?” “Want to know where I host my websites for a fraction of the cost?” Or you can say ” I only pay $1.99 for the same hosting you get @ $6.99″

now that might generate some more clicks, than “Make $10,000 in 10 seconds” they know ITs BS. Period!

6. Business Opportunity Promotion

MLM programs, Matrix Programs, Team Builders are only a few types of business opportunities that work well with the traffic exchange crowd. They are interested in making money in different ways, otherwise, no sane person will waste time clicking buttons, right?

Ideally, you want to build you own list and market to them but you really can advertise directly.

7. Brand Awareness Campaign

Brand Awareness is another way you can build some income in your own service or business. Advertising in traffic exchanges for awareness does work especially if you are in the same niche of traffic generation or internet marketing in general. These people will eventually come across the need to get your service or product in some time and will remember seeing your ad over and over some time back. Guess what they will google your name and come directly to your site.

You don’t want to directly market your service ate first, although you can put in how to contact or a link to more information page. the idea is to copy your name into the brain cell of the viewer.

There are brand awareness campaigns that spend millions of dollars and loose, so in that context this is a very low cost way to do it and test things out. People who have done it knows this to be true.

8. Lead Generation

Lead capture pages, ah……

Probably all of the people who advertise lead capture pages, are newcomers to the traffic exchange industry. Although you get a few here and there you probably won’t get too many leads at the start, but if you get noticed continuously doing the same thing for some time you might see an increase in conversions to your lists. This is because it takes around 15-20 times for a person to really see your ad on the screen. Repeat exposure means it gets noticed more, thus the requirement to be advertising in TEs for a longer time. It’s a simple rule in Marketing the rule of 7 and also considering studies done in Effectiveness of Advertising

A free e book or a trial usually gets some bites, but banner ads and text ads are the best here.

In my experience, a banner click is basically worth 10,000 hits. You can even do CPA or CPL campaigns, and it works. provided you stick to the internet marketing niche.

9. Email Marketing

Quite close to Lead generation, this involves capturing a lead’s email address through the traffic exchange and marketing to them. You have to build a relationship and authority to do this. So appearing in many exchanges for a considerable time helps a lot. A picture of you or a clear brand image that appears over and over also works to build this until they click and see what you have to offer.

Email marketing is a long term commitment and needs constant promotion and traffic exchanges are a real targeted way to do it

10. Social Media Promotions

You can promote your social media material in traffic exchanges and get followers, views and likes. Not just FB pages, but YouTube Videos, Pinterest Boards, Instagram Photos or images, Reddit & Twitter are the only famous ones.

You might not be aware of some other social media platforms like apsense, Digg, Steemit, Imgur,Ello, GIPHY are only few of others I have seen in Traffic Exchanges.

The idea is to get a following and then market to them and make money. There are so many different ways you can monetize social media, you can use traffic exchanges to get that extra exposure and get it to grow little by little. Because sometimes, you just need that first follower to start the ball rolling.


Traffic exchanges are really worth the time you put into them much like other ways to make money online. It’s fairly a simple way you can make some money online, as you can see there a quite a few you can go about it.
Not all traffic exchanges work, because some are just focused on the number of clicks and some and configured properly for maximum exposure.
While some will never see how it can help them, some will keep using them for a long long time, and that’s why they are in service for decades, outlasting so many other methods for Free traffic generation.

Rasika Jayasuriya
Rasika Jayasuriya

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