About Me

All of this started as a hobby back in 2007, I just wanted to earn some money to pay for games that I wanted to buy off the internet.

Reasons being, I didn’t want to go through the process of parent approval and the behavioral attributes I needed to fulfill to get some money to pay for what I wanted. Since then, I have given up restarted and given up and restarted again twice. I wished I didn’t give up so fast.

Fast forward a few years, I have finally got the basics right through trial and error. Now I’m earning quite a lot through different streams of income online and offline. I have helped more than 2500 people to start and grow their income streams on the internet and elsewhere.All this without a website of my own. I emailed and skyped too much.

Small Cash Online is going to be my attempt to make thing easier for me. I cant keep up with my email box of questions that repeats over and over again, So I’ve decide to do some courses to help people in need.

The difference in Small Cash Online is built to give you options. Details of different ways to make money online and start your online streams of income.