Neobux Review – Probably the Best PTC Site and here’s why!

Neobux was open back in March of 2008, at the time I was doing PTC in another PTC site called Clixsense, and I was quick to get on. It has been 10 years and much has happened with neobux.

So what are my experiences with neobux?

Overall, neobux runs a very stable model. What it does is gather people who wants to make money online for free and monetize the platform through ads. The main difference with neobux when it started was the rental referral system. This makes it possible to earn money without referring people to the program, which most people don’t like to do.

The upside in renting referrals is increased income without going through the hassle of referring people, the down side is that when the referral you rented doesn’t click you loose your money. So it’s a game of averages, If you plan to rent referrals you take the risk of loosing your rental cost but have a chance of making more money if they all click as well.  In most neobux strategy guides out there, the simple assumption that rented referrals click all 4 ads everyday till you make $1000 a month is a plain joke. If you get direct referrals first you would know that almost 96% of them do not click after a few days or weeks at most, about 1% stay active for years and years, others click on and off.. The same apply to rented referrals.

Before we go into the details, which I will cover later on, let’s just take a look at the impressive stats and achievements of neobux.

  •  More than 10,000 people register a new neobux account everyday.
  •  More than $100,000 is paid out daily to members.
  •  More than a million impressions on ads daily. Having served billions of impression since 2008.
  •  Operating for more than a decade ( 10 years )
  •  Sustainable revenue model that has a proven track record.
  •  Very active community that shows in advertising results.
  •  Strict rules and regulations that keeps the cheaters away.
  •  Offer-walls, Surveys, Games & Mini Tasks that pays extra income.
  •  A lot of success stories shared in forum and elsewhere.

7 ways to money from neobux – choose what best suits you.

People come into PTC sites thinking they can only make money from clicking on ads, but there are much more income generating avenues provided by good PTC sites. Neobux give you the below 7 ways to make money. Each method has its own advantages.

  1. Clicking ads – Obviously is one way. You get from $0.001 – $0.02 for ads you click. The timer depends on the value as well.  You get around 0.02-0.04 worth of ads you can click everyday, which ads up over time.
  2. Mini Jobs –  These are small tasks you can do to make money from $0.01- $1 per task. Some people just use neobux to do them. It requires attention to detail and can be simple as comparing two pictures or a bit advanced like finding mismatches in scripts.
  3. Surveys –  There are many surveys that you can do to get coins that you can convert to cash. It depends on mainly the country you are in. If you are in like USA or UK you get more surveys but like me who is in Sri Lanka we never get them lol..
  4. Games – Yes you read that right. You get paid $0.001 per session playing a variety of games.
  5. Offers –   Just like surveys, companies put out offers to get their service’s out there, most of the time you get paid more than you spend, and if you see something you will use anyways, its a big win-win.
  6. Adprize – You get 4 adprize chances for every normal ad you click. Prizes can be from $0.10 – $50 plus golden memberships. You also gets neopoints. 30,000 neopoints gets you a free golden membership.
  7. Referral Income – You get paid for clicks, your direct or rented referrals make,this can be serious cash if you do it right.

There are many ways, but ideally a serious person who really wants to make money knows you need to work for it. What neobux does is give the opportunity to work in your spare time and make money online for free over the internet. So it might not be the best thing to do for some, who wants to get rich quick.

If you do the work continuously and with a good strategy, Neobux can be a very good site for it.


The risk free approach to neobux earning

It’s a PTC site, and the main advantage I see with legitimate PTC sites, are that when you earn even $0.001 you don’t loose it, unless you spend it. All you need to do is hit the minimum withdrawal limit and get your money, or better yet have a withdrawal amount like $10 or $20 and withdraw that. It reduces the transaction costs!

What you need to do:

  • Click all ads everyday ( missing one or two days a month is okay when you are a free member )
  • Click all adprize chances. ( if you are lucky you’ll get a golden membership )
  • Do mini jobs, surveys and take offers you like.
  • Advertise and get direct referrals.
  • Teach them this strategy to earn free small amounts everyday.

Little drops of water,/Little grains of sand,/Make the mighty ocean/And the pleasant land./So the little minutes,/Humble though they be,/Make the mighty ages/Of eternity – Julia Carney, Little Things

It takes only less than 10 mins to go through the ads and 10 mins more to click all the adprizes. If you have 30 mins or more, do some mini jobs and put your referral link out in the web. See our get referrals guide for more information.

When you do this, everyday continuously, your balance will accumulate and increase slowly but surely for absolutely free.

The Idea is to get to golden membership for free. asap.

A lot of people leave and stop neobux or worse spend money without having a plan and complain it’s a scam. If done right you can earn money not loose any, with this program.

Most of the material out there on neobux strategy tell you to start renting referral when you are free member. This is the worst thing to do in my opinion.

The first thing you should do is just click the ads and keep on accumulating your account balance until you get close to the $90 golden membership. If you are lucky and click all your adprize you ll get a golden membership absolutely free.

3 ways to get golden membership in neobux for free

  1. Adprize winning – everyday there are many given out. So click them all.
  2. Get 30000 points and buy a golden membership.
  3. Get $90 from direct referral income using my getting referrals guide.

You have the opportunity to work at all 3 for free.

WHY? You have two results to consider here.

a) If you get an adprize winning or upgrade with points, by being a golden member and clicking all 9 yellow (standard) advertisements every day you get $32.4 a year for free.

b) Get more income for your direct referrals. If you got $90 from direct referral income you’ll get much more with a golden membership than being free. ( almost double )

When you upgrade for the 2nd year, you also get a discount, making your break even costs even less if you rent referrals.

It is hard work that require commitment and will take sometime to get things going but it’s 100% risk free earning and you are only using your spare time. Plus once you click an ad, the money is yours. unless you spend it.

When you think of it, this simple strategy will always keep you in the profit, even though its small at start, but it can only grow from there, depending on your ability to commit to the strategy.

List of advantages of being a golden member in Neobux

Benefits of upgrading to golden membership in neobux has a lot sub benefits, but broadly the main advantages are

  1. 9 guaranteed ads that gives you $0.09 a day instead of $0.004 being a free member.
  2. More slots available for direct/rented referrals.
  3. More bonuses in your second consecutive year as a golden member.
  4. Cheaper rental prices and higher rental income.
Neobux Golden membership
Golden Membership Benefits

Once you get to golden then you need to consider whether you like to rent referrals or not. This is however another topic I will cover in a post later and include in our neobux guide.

If you don’t have a Neobux account register one for free from below, and start your journey today!

This is something you do in your spare time and work on continuously for years not months. Learn the tips and tricks of getting more referrals and work on the other options that bring money to your account everyday. When you hit the minimum withdrawal limits or come into a predefined amount you withdraw money and put that in another program that makes you more money. Develop many streams of income. That is the small cash online strategy.

Read more in our blog to find out such programs and how I make money from different sources everyday.

If you have any suggestions or questions, you can use the comment section below as well.

Happy Earning!!!



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