Top Best Safelists and Mailers

Everyone has their own top Safelist and mailer list, Here is mine.

I’ve been marketing using safelist for over 5 years now and these have been the most consistent result-generating ones I use basically every day.

Below is a Must Join & Upgrade List

If you Are serious in safelist marketing, I suggest you take a look at the below 12 sites and get familiar with them first and when you are ready upgrade and see the huge difference in results. Go to end of the page for a cost breakdown.

1st try these safelists

Get familiar set them up properly and move to the next

100% Organic Ingredients
State of the Art Mailer

44,000 members
Consistently Ranked at Top of all Rank sites, its A Must Join.

All-natural Fragrances
Free Advertising For You

FAFY is a Newcomer to the List and takes 2nd because its so active and results are speaking for itself.

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time

Must Join Safelist with only Active members for last 30 days so no waste of credits and maximum fresh exposure.

2nd join these safelists

You must advertise in as many safelist as you possibly can!

100% Organic Ingredients
Pangea 1

Largest Safelist I know, now at 126,000 members this is a beast. All one time upgrades and mail for ever. A great owner.

All-natural Fragrances

With 80,000 members This is a must join Safelist. Only second to Pangea but as much as effective in result.

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time

One of the oldest Safelists that’s consistently ranking well.
Affordable monthly upgrades make it a no brainer

3rd join these safelists

You must advertise in as many safelist as you possibly can!

100% Organic Ingredients
Viral Mailer For You

The Second Mailer from Jason Wise the owner of FAFY. One of the newer mailers around but stormed its way to the top of the Industry.

All-natural Fragrances
List Avail

17,000+ members and designed for perfection list avail just surprises me quite often with results. Consistently sending mails here.

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time
The Lead Magnet

One of the pillars in the industry this safelist has time and time proven a huge deal.
If you Are lucky catch a one time upgrade here.

4th join these safelists

You need to be active in these safelist to maximize your reach

100% Organic Ingredients

Unique Design Mailer with effective list. Must Join Mailer. This mailer seem to attract newcomers a lot. Build your profile here.

All-natural Fragrances
List Impact

The flagship of Kolijn duo, you must be actively sending mails here if you want to have exposure to a variety of newcomers to the industry

Up  to 35 Hours of Burn Time

If there ever was a cute award mailsy will take it together with the simplistic award but the mailer is set up in away to get you the best exposure.

Safelist / MailerBest Upgrade per MonthBest Upgrade One TimeTotal Emails Sent
State of The Art Mailer$96.03
Free Advertising For YouN/A$147.00100,000
The Lead Magnet$49.97N/A180,000
List Avail$29.00N/A30,000
List Impact$17.00N/A60,000
Viral Mailer For You$17.00N/A100,000
If 0.001% of the Emails sent Convert of a $27 product You will make $1,213.65 ( Results not Guaranteed)

You can sometimes catch a lifetime upgrade in list Impact, MisterSafelist, List Avail, The Lead Magnet, jump and take them and use the money to upgrade in other Safelist’s that you are registered in.