Small Cash Online – Stage 1

Congratulations you found the right place to start your online money-making journey! Stage 1 is basically making money online for absolutely free. We use different programs to achieve this tasks and get those cash trickling in like clockwork. These strategies are not fast compared to other methods in stages 2 and 3 but they are free. You must go through these to get that all-important seed money to snowball your way up to higher and higher income. So start now, register, and do the things every day until you get to your target.

The main type of sites I’m going to recommend for you is Paid to Click Sites. I know, I know there is a lot of fluff about them but if you concentrate on the legitimate ones and work at it they pay you to click on ads. It’s simple, takes minimum time and anyone can do it.

There are two main PTC sites I want you to concentrate on and those are Neobux and Paidverts, both are long-standing PTC sites and have paid me more than most of the high ticket programs that have mushroomed up and down for the past several years. You can use them at first as income sites, but at stage 2, we use them as a perpetual advertising source. So get started, Go to my Top Best PTC sites list and register for them all and start to click your ads every day.

You can register two a day and add one by one to your list of income generating sites as you go.

Who is Small CashOnline Strategy Stage 1 Is for?

Stage 1 is only relevant if you want to start making money for absolutely free. It can be for any reason you are facing now you just don’t want or not in a position to waste money on some things you really don’t know yet. I completely understand. In fact, I was in the same scenario not so long ago. So I was continuously was searching on how to make a dollar online. Below are the best things I was able to do and can recommend for you to check out

Here’s why you start to click on PTC sites

PTC or Paid to Click sites are easy and there are many ways you can earn a few bucks if you use them the right way. Although most of the PTC sites are run by (for a lack of a better word) Crooks, There are quite a few that have proven to work for a long time. For Example NeoBux is 14 years old at the time of writing this. Paidverts is 7 years, Scarlettclicks is 11 years old. So they are legit and they have demand. That’s why they are still in the business.

When you start and when you are free, you start small collecting $0.0001s every few seconds and even $0.01s here and there, when you first see your first dollar you will realize they all add up. All you do is click on all the available ads and collect until you reach the minimum withdrawal amount. Funnel all the withdrawal to one account build. I would recommend you to either choose between neobux or paidverts

As I have mentioned above I want you to concentrate on the two main sites as I want to give you a target in them. You need to be fully familiar with these two sites. Go through the training that I have given here and be an expert in these sites. You need to get your accounts to below targets to both.

In Paidverts: I want you to have enough BAP points so you can get $1 every day. Currently, it’s at 1.5 million BAP.

In Neobux: I want you to have a golden upgrade account with 500 rented referrals.

I know, what you are thinking. Rasika are you kidding me? Well, here’s why

When you build these two accounts as fast as you can using the below methods, you have effectively built two income streams that give you a consistent stream of income and exposure.

While in Paidverts you roughly get around $6 profit every month Neobux you get around $7-$10 from experience, these amounts are just the basics it definitely differs between account to account I am not taking into account any referral income or tasks /offers /surveys you take.

If you calculate the money it takes to achieve these targets is around $650 a program. If you calculate the income as a rate of return then. For a year each site will give you $72 which is an 11.1% return. But actually, If you are going about it totally free, you would spend much less. * This is not Investment Advice at all. * This is just my way of looking at things.

At first, you concentrate on only 1 program, I did it on Paidverts, because there are more options in the program to make it faster. I discuss it in this Section. What you do is funnel all your money from free stuff into one account and build that account up. After you get to a point where you are buying a bulk ad every day and get $0.20 profit each time, you can collect that money and send it to Neobux and build that up as well. If you have read my Neobux guide you will know how and when to get yourself up to a golden account.

Ok, one thing you will realize when clicking on PTC sites is that it’s such a small amount, again let me explain. Even though it feels like you have to click for 3 months to get to the withdrawal limits, sometimes even more. Remember this is free, and once you click that $0.001 its yours.

When you start clicking in 5-10 PTC sites from the list, it will add up. And once you send them to Paidverts, you’ll see how you grow each day. It will be like a game. All you do is consistently redirect event dollars there and grow your account.

What other sites are there to make money online for Free?

Glad you asked! Short answer is a there are many. But ill stick to the ones I personally do or have tried.

  • Traffic Exchanges
  • Safelist Mailers
  • Paid to Promote Sites
  • Faucets and Crypto Air Drops
  • Gig Sites
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Print on demand

Making money with Traffic Exchanges

Making money with traffic exchanges is very very easy. There are quite a few ways to do it.