Small Cash Online Strategy

Trying to make money online is a huge aspiration to many, and you are probably here because you are researching about it. I have devised this strategy through a lot of testing and spending a lot of time to come up with a way anyone can start to make money online starting today. Small Cash Online Strategy is my attempt to tackle it, and so far it has worked for me very well.

If you are visiting my site my specialty is on how you can make money online for free. You start for free at first and gradually move onto bigger and bigger things.

If you want to make a million dollars in a month, this is not something you would consider doing at all. If you want to make that kind of money first you need to buy a $10,000 training program and sell it to 100 people more, sound familiar?

Instead, I will show you first how you make money for absolutely free with no cost whatsoever and use that money and grow it into a significant income stream. Making money online for free is very hard If you don’t know what to concentrate on and have the wrong expectations. It’s slow and needs consistent work. You can’t expect to make $100 a month for free at the start, it doesn’t work like that. Instead, you start by earning your first cents. i.e $0.01s. working up from there.

Who is Small Cash Online Strategy best suited for?

Small Cash Online Strategy is built for people who want to start making money online for free and move into bigger and bigger income opportunities. Anybody who has a computer, Tablet, or a SmartPhone can start to make money online with this simple strategy

I used three kinds of sites to make my first $1 online totally for free. They are Paid to Click sites or PTC sites, Traffic Exchanges, and Safelists or Mailers. If done right you will see consistent money coming in. You can read here all about it. It’s totally free and anyone can do it.

The next Step is reinvesting your money and getting them to grow. I use personal finance tricks and tips to do this and incorporate the same ideology. For example, as soon as I was earning $5-$10 a month from my free tactics I invested that money into buying hosting and a domain name and worked on my website. Building an asset that allows me to monetize it and receive additional money.

When I start getting money from my first blog/website I reinvest the money again to outsource some of the work and get the process moving faster. Started my second Website and so on.

After some time I got into a position where I can take more risks. More Risks Higher Income right. I buy traffic from networks test affiliate marketing. Everyone knows that’s where the big money is. Buying traffic and building funnels that convert is somewhat an art and proper training is required to do that proftibaly. I can recommend resources that I personally went through to get the background and information I needed to make it work. Boy, did it work? I never looked back. But to this day I still click on PTC sites and Traffic Exchanges and Safelists for not one but two reasons.

It’s easy money and once you get the ball rolling on referrals it’s passive money like no other, it might be small but it’s money none the less and it comes in consistently.

The second reason is that these sites are my place to see what’s new in the industry. Most of the new products and launches are advertised in them. So I get to see them before the masses. I can remember I got into bitcoin back in 2012-2013 because it was advertised in a traffic exchange, I even installed the bitcoin node in my computer and ran the mining for about 8 hours, but back then you could only make $1 from mining if you ran the computer for like 40 days straight and I thought it was not worth it. and I still regret it. At the time of writing this bitcoin is over $50,000. Oh well!!

So, if you want to make money online for absolutely free, all you need to do is follow the Small Cash Online Strategy. You can change the tips and tricks to suit you but eventually, you will need to follow the simple rules. It will come to you naturally and you will agree to at least most of it.

There are Three Stages to my Strategy at the moment you can come back to each section and measure your results and make your own plans.

Small Cash Online Stage 1

Stage 1



Where you start to make money absolutely Free

Stage 2

Stage 2



You use the money you earned for free to make more money

Stage 3

Stage 3



You start to take risks with the consistent passive money you’ve received and earn significant more.

Start your strategy now and go to each section and see whether you can start your own way to make money online. I’ve kept everything very simple and because I touch a lot of methods I have recommended more resources you can try, in case you really want to go into each methods in depth.

Enjoy!! and congratulations on finding my website, I’m sure you are going to learn a few tricks here.