Why I use Safelist’s for Marketing in 2020.

Safelists has been overlooked by many who think its quantity over quality. I have seen these comments all over the internet but safelists have been operating for decades and still going strong. I was wondering why?

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It must be serving a purpose in the market?

It must be delivering results to a niche that I have not considered.

I had to look into this, I was itching. Stones needed to be turned to find the gold.

My plan was simple, make a list of top Safelists out there and join and test.

It was not easy at the start but after a bit of optimizing and figuring out it works and works very well for a niche that I have considered before but I always thought it’s a hard market to enter.

You ‘ll be surprised.

It is claimed that safelists started back in 2003 after the can-spam act in the USA. But there were safelists before that.

So, it started to meet a demand that was either created or that was not met fully. Programs like these done over the internet tend to serve a certain aspect of demand rather than the whole structure of a business model. It is what pushes us to a buy rather a pass. Don’t mistake this for the business model of a safelist itself but what’s being marketed.

The main area of conversions are claimed to happen over lead capturing style campaigns.  These are the funnel systems that include a free book or a piece of content, guide, membership, that is given in exchange for the contact details like an email or a telephone number.

Auto-responders and page creators are used to put up these and they themselves are considered a viable affiliate business model. For example, it’s ideal for an affiliate who promotes auto-responders like Trafficwave or Getresponse and page creators like Builderall and Clickfunnels, etc.

The other niche that converts well is the traffic generation niche excluding SEO. For example, SOLO ads, Traffic Exchanges, PTC sites Coops, Ad boards including Classified sites, Forums and even other Safelists.

After you take out the above sets of ads, what others are there.

In my experience, while there are some odd ads appearing in Safelist ads, there are a few things that comes up.


Especially the ones that target the online money making niches. Let’s just say these are a bit dodgy nowadays. That said, bitcoin came into light back in 2011 the same way, I even installed the bitcoin node and deleted it think it might be a security risk in a personal computer, lol. Who knew!


WordPress plugins, video editors, banner makers, infographic makers, budgeting tools, WebAPPS, are some of the ones I see often in main safelists programs. The smaller Safelists tend to advertise on traffic generation type ads and lead capturing 99% of the time.

Hosting affiliate programs

Although rare in most safelists you come across ads of hosting packages and features of them in some safelists and I’m sure they convert because most of the viewers are website owners. I haven’t tested this yet to be truthful.

Contests, Freebies, Podcasts, Workshops, Industry News, Mobile Apps, Games, Quizzes, Polls even memes and Fundraisers like gofundme.com are advertised.

Like in any advertising plan, getting your target market is an essential step. Safelists are used by entirely people in the make money online niche. I don’t think anybody will agree to open a promotion email if they didn’t want to see how to make online from it. But the fact that a human being is behind the other side makes it susceptible to other niches, that are closely related or even completely irrelevant.

This aspect of it is very important. The golden rule, of standing out from the crowd? Huh!

For example: In google adword ads you might be on a Tech related website but the ad will be trying to sell chips, the kind you eat like Pringles. It depends.

My strategies in Safelist Marketing

When I started Safelist Marketing All I wanted to do is send emails with a link that goes directly to my lead capture page. When I did that the idea was that I’m making my list for my own etc.. etc..

What I found out was its easy to get lead on to your auto responder, but developing a relationship with that lead is the hardest part. In order for me to build that authority I had to have something more.

This blog is where I will direct people to from safelists. My product will be information on my experience. I have no expertise that can help a person in any skill or career. All I can do is share what I have received from doing what I do in this niche. Making money slowly and from trusted resources.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to stand off from the crowd, All I did was to make a top list of best Safelist and advertise that directly in safelists. I get 2-3 referrals, in different safelist every day. Most of them stay free but rarely a serious marketer will upgrade and that gives me a good side income, which I use to upgrade more in other Safelists or programs.

I’m always expanding my reach.  That’s my main strategy. You don’t need to have your own list and maintain that when you have lists like Safelists that you can use in this niche especially,

Although I use a different strategy to maintain my costs involved, through my Bank Pays for IT Strategy, getting your costs back in return from referral income is also good to have, because I can then direct the extra money every month to increasing my REACH!

You can see my top list page here, Note I’m using a free service from easyhits4u. I have reasons to do that, I send almost 10,000 hits to that page every month and easyhits4u loads very fast and also have an inbuilt tracker that gives me an idea where my hits are coming from, that inturn I know where I need to work on more and what sources are really a waste of my time.

Some Safelists are away ahead of others but it’s good to use a mixture of them. An advertisement needs to be seen 17 times for someone to notice at first and 17 times more to take an action in a highly competitive market. Safelist clicks are highly competitive. You get only 5 secs maximum of attention although it says 15 secs, in real terms. Your job is to make that count. The Same ad appearing in different places or sites in this case should do the job.

Although I had/have a paid service that takes out the easyhit4u bar at the top of my top safelists list page, I’ve not seen the conversions change after testing for a few months. Why pay for something that works just the same? Plus, it works fine with or without the bar, plus I get referrals for easyhit4u that way too. Ha ha.

I’ve also noticed some easyhit4u pages even rank in Google SERP. So my main target is to rank the page for keywords relating to Safelist and advertising too… Again, to increase my reach.

I can’t stress this point enough to you. All you need to concentrate on Safelists or any other advertising sources you use, is to expand your reach to your target market ideally and then to possible other niche branches.

After you grab the attention, then you can lead the lead in your funnel of content.

Quick TIP:

Funnels doesn’t need to be one page and does not require special software; you can build it using just WordPress or even a BlogSpot website.

What matters is how you present your case and why you think the person should consider your method or strategy or at least try it.

My strategy, therefore, is to concentrate on maximizing the number of emails I send through safelist. Which I have control over, I only concentrate on things I can control. Upgrading and being consistent is key here. While there are tools like referral frenzy to help you organize things in over 100 safelists its good to have your own methods of organizing. For example, I click on ads every Monday and Wednesday to send out my weekly emails on Tuesday and Thursdays, that way I reach the weekday crowd and weekend crowd in these sites.

On Saturday I send out the ones I’ve missed or join a new site and set it up for the next week. Excel sheets are great to organize it and its always free.

You really don’t have to spend days clicking ads, just a few hours strategically every week will allow you to send 200,000 emails that generate thousands of clicks for you every week.

After doing it for over 6 years on and off, in real money terms I get $50 to $100 every month, or in some months Over $500 It depends. But what makes me the most money is the ability to advertise on-demand launches. But that’s a whole other blog post. Also the other services and tools I advertsie in my other promotions.

Ill be using Safelists for a long time to come, It works and works very well. it might not be for everyone but for me Its one of the best advertising sources.

Rasika Jayasuriya
Rasika Jayasuriya

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